I am having SO much fun doing this series.  We will start part 7 with the world's introduction to Victor Cruz.  

"Meet Victor Cruz" 

He was nobody at the time.  He wore the #3 not #80 and did not have a spot on the roster.  After this preseason game against the New York Jets we all knew who Victor Cruz was.  Now if he could just get healthy and get back on the field the Giants will have the best 1-2 wide receiver punch in the NFL.

"They are who we thought they were, and we let em off the hook!" 

Post game press conferences are often very boring but when a coach has a meltdown all bets are off.  This was one of  the great post game press conferences of all time.  Dennis Green absolutely loses his mind.

"Odell Beckham Jr. makes one of the greatest catches in NFL history"

There will always be "haters" as the kids say and those "haters" came out in full force after this catch.  They said it was the gloves, they did countdowns on sports talk shows about catches that were better and ESPN even set out to prove how easy it was to make the catch.  It's not easy, it was every bit as amazing as it looked and it will be remembered forever.

"Tony Dorsett goes 99 yards for a TD" 

This was a little before my time.  I was about to turn 4.  I was probably watching though.  And I've interviewed Tony a few times.  If I remember correctly he does not even remember it.

"Don Beebe makes Leon Lett look like a buffoon in Super Bowl 27" 

This is the second time one of Leon Lett's bonehead plays has made the list but this one takes the cake.   Yeah the Cowboys crushed the Bills but Don Beebe will forever be remembered for not quitting and Leon Lett will be remembered for showboating.

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