We kick off part 10 with Mike Ditka in a Packers sweater? 

"Mike Ditka in a Packers sweater?"

Say it ain't so Mike!  I'm not even a Bears fan and this commercial made me sick to my stomach.  Where is the line?  When do we say hey McDonald's I don't care how much money you are throwing at me there is no way I wear a Packers sweater!  OK, nah I probably would wear it, I'll bet that check was huge.

"Namath in pantyhose"

Joe Namath was the one back then.  He was the guy every guy wanted to be and the guy every girl wanted to be with.  He could get away with anything.  Including wearing women's pantyhose.

"Whitney Houston delivers the best EVER Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl 25"

We were in the Gulf War and emotions were high.  The two teams playing the New York Giants and Buffalo Bills both have red, white and blue color schemes and every tree in this country had a yellow ribbon tied around it.  Whitney Houston rose to the occasion and delivered the greatest rendition of the Star Spangled Banner ever heard followed by a military flyover.  I get chills watching that video the same way I did when I saw it the first time.

"Peyton Manning kills it on SNL"

Who knew Peyton was funny?

"Michael Strahan goes LIVE with Kelly" 

If you asked me to guess 1,000 celeb names that might replace Regis Philbin I would never pick Michael Strahan.  He is good though.


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