Yankee legends Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera were in Danbury on Saturday night January 18th.

Two of the best Yankee's of all time spoke to about 400 adoring fans at Hillside Food Outreach's annual gala at the Matrix Conference and Banquet Center on Saturday night. I was lucky enough to attend with Mrs. Large, and we had a great time! The highlight for me was hearing the backstory of how Mr. Rivera was almost traded in the 1995 season for a player that we should not name. We should not name that player because Mariano's reaction to that player was "Oof, come on.... I mean.... trade me for him?" It's something that we all probably would have thought at that moment, but to hear the best closer of all-time say that about another athlete was awesome!

The Hillside Food Outreach Annual Gala is a gem for Danbury, this was the third gala that I've been able to attend. Last year, Paul Simon sang a couple of songs to about 150 people there. The year before I got to shake Don Mattingly's hand, and got to eat dinner seated next to Scott Kamieniecki! Now, rumor has it that the next gala is coming up in November 2014, and I've got it on good authority that they're working to get a couple of MONSTER names to attend, in fact, I'd buy the tix as soon as they go on sale...that's all I can say right now. Stay tuned.