In case you didn't know, New England has a lot of weird, strange, and odd attractions and here's just a couple I've discovered. Yes, that's a man made of bear traps!

If you enjoy strange and different, check out "Wild Bill's Nostalgia Center" in Middletown, CT. Some unique items hanging from the ceiling include an ox yoke, a 15 foot snake skin, "Mini-Me" in a biohazard suit, and a rib from a 65 ton whale along with a "bear trap man." On his roof is a tye-dyed VW Beetle and above that is a giant motorized bobbing head of Wild Bill as Uncle Sam. You'll see everything from stacks of used paperbacks, piles of used vinyl to alcohol free wine fermented by the Grateful Dead.

Now speaking of "stuffed"...I shall leave you with The Action Wildlife Taxidermy Exhibit located in Goshen. This is an outdoor wildlife park featuring indoor displays of mounted animals that were bagged in Africa. Just a word of warning, this may not be everybody's cup of tea although the taxidermy is high quality. There is a large fenced in area where live animals are on display like deer and emu's. Admission is $10 and I've heard it's worth the trip! So there's no the above photo, the seal is the stuffed animal.