Anyone with half a brain knows what to do to keep warm in sub-humanly cold weather. Grab some more blankets, turn up the thermostat, blah, blah, and blah!

The following are little known products that will set you apart from the rest of the flock when it comes to being toasty in single digit weather.

1. Women's Feetie Pajamas - Not only do these PJ's keep your squeeze warm, but you can incorporate these soft tender onesies into one or two Valentine's Day scenarios. Check 'em out on for $18.99

2. The Siamese Slanket - This amazing blanket keeps the two of you toasty warm while giving you the use of your hands with two sleeves built into the blanket. Imagine the possibilities. Available on for $39.99.

The Ultimate Siamese Slanket -

3. Deluxe Boyfriend Pillow - The boyfriend pillow provides firm sleeping support and it's great for snuggling. Plus, it won't try to feel you up! Available on for only $39.99

The Boyfriend Pillow -

4. Glovers For Lovers - These gloves are perfect for couples who are nauseatingly in love and need to be touching every minute of the day. They go above and beyond the term PDA. Available at for $19.50.

Glovers for Lovers -

5. Lightmates Heated Body Pillows - For you freaks, this is the step up from the Boyfriend Pillow. This lighted pillow provides heat, light, and snuggling capability and is perfect when you're in between relationships. The only drawback is that it looks like intestines. Pick it up at

Lighted Body Pillow -

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