The United States is known for hard work it is what this country was built on. Every year we celebrate that hard work with Labor Day. Labor Day is right up there for me when it comes to holidays.  Fourth of July is first, Memorial Day second and Labor Day third.

Labor Day typically has good weather, your off from work in most cases, there is drinking and there are hot dogs and hamburgers.  What more could you ask for?  Oh and in many cases bikinis.


Labor Day comes at a great time too. I mean the summer can be as exhausting as any other time of year. You travel, your dealing with the kids who are out of school, your constantly attending parties and weddings.

Then you get to this time of year and it's all about getting the kids back to school which is insane. Work starts to gear back up, because people start to lose that summer mentality and all the things that got put off now have to get done and when all of those factors come together you have a perfect storm of stress and then out of nowhere one last break in the action ... LABOR DAY.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to work on Labor Day.

There have been times over the years that for one reason or another I had to work on Labor Day and it sucked. I remember going back to high school we used to have football practice on Labor Day and my coach would say:  "We Labor on Labor Day."

I hated that ... I hated it a lot. It was one of the reasons I eventually quit football and focused on my real interests ... girls and booze.

So soak in Labor Day, enjoy the girls and the booze because a giant suckfest is right around the corner and that is called winter.