Western Connecticut State University recently discussed the possibility to offer lower tuition for Lower Hudson Valley residents. Now, according to the NewsTimes, The Connecticut State College and University finance committee approved to a lower tuition rate for prospective students who live in the seven Lower Hudson Valley counties. Pending one more approval from the CSCU Board of Regents, the program will begin in the Fall of 2017.

As WCSU Alumni, I agree that the in-state tuition rates should be offered to those who live near both campuses in New York and Connecticut. Most Putnam and Westchester County residents commute at least 20-30 minutes from the state line to attend WCSU, and with the amount of students making that commute to attend the school, it only makes sense to accommodate.

Before graduating in May of 2012, I developed close rapports with staff, professors, and classmates, and it allowed for a great college experience and change of scenery, while commuting only a half hour away. Those experiences opened the door for me to work this fun and exciting job, and I can only imagine what doors the new policies will open for close-by students who might not have been able to afford the previous out-of-state rates.

As you can see from the school's tuition fees page, there's a stark difference between this year's rates for Connecticut students as opposed to out-of-state-students and New England Regional residents (MA, ME, NH, RI, VT).

My parents were able to pay out-of-pocket during my first transfer year, but took a student loan out for my final year. Luckily, I haven't missed any of my student loan payments but still owe about $25,000 for only a year's worth of tuition. Statistically, WCSU's enrollment has decreased the past two years, and so has the demographic. Perhaps the new out-of-state rates will change things up a bit.

A home address is all that's needed for Lower Hudson Valley students to receive the same perks as Connecticut residents.