Do you actually pay attention to the "Watch for Deer" signs? The Huffington Post reports that in Ford County, Illinois that particular sign just wasn't gettin' the job done.The Ford County Highway Department decided they would try a differently worded sign which read, "SUICIDAL DEER" hoping that drivers would pay more attention. Unless you've had an actual 'car vs deer' accident, you really don't know how much damage a 150 to 200 pound deer can do to a car, not to mention the severe injury to the animal. 

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Unfortunately I've had one of those 'deer strike' accidents on Rt 37 on the Danbury/New Fairfield border at 5am, when a rather large deer came out of nowhere from a field on my right attempting to jump over the hood of the car. He ended up banging his legs up a bit on my minivan, but got over the hood and bounded away. It could have been much worse. The minor damage to the car was about $1,500.


Approximately 150 people die and another 10,000 people are injured every year by deer strikes on the roads. If you're driving on rural roads, especially when it's dark, for God sakes, make sure your seat belt is fastened! 

Other ways to avoid deer while you're driving, when you see one, there are usually more, so slow down immediately if traffic allows. On a multi lane road, the center lane is your best option for avoiding a deer strike and believe it or not, one big loud HONK will usually scare them away from your car!

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