Toys R Us has come out with their "Fabulous 15" Hot Toy list for 2015. Let's take a look at 10 of those Top 15:

  • 1

    Star Wars BladeBuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber

  • 2

    Fisher- Price Bright-Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

    Bright Beats by Fisher-Price is recommended for ages 9 months to 3 years and retails for  around $32.99.

    Bright Beats by Fisher-Price - Credit
  • 3

    Guitar Hero Live

    Toys R' Us Guitar Hero Live is made by Activision and sells at Toys R' Us for $99.99 and on for $149.99

    Guitar Hero Live by Activision - Credit
  • 4

    Barbie Saddle N' Ride Horse

    Barbie Saddle N' Ride by Mattel retails for around $38.88 and is available at Because there are small parts, this toy is not recommended for children under 3.

    Barbie Saddle N' Ride by Mattel - Credit
  • 5

    Lego Dimensions Starter Kit

  • 6

    Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear

    The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear is available on for $89.99! You might be asking , what does this freakin' bear "do" for 90 bucks? It's interactive and has the brains of a computer without the screen and makes up stories that your child can choose what happens next.

    Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear - Credit
  • 7

    Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

    This T-Rex from Fisher-Price has three power pads which brings this dinosaur to life! This great toy goes for $78.99 on

    the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex - Credit
  • 8

    Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie

    Is it possible to come up with a longer name for a toy?! McStuffins is made by Disney and features 50 interactive responses including sounds, lights, and magical movements. McStuffins is recommended for ages 3 and up and is available at for $49.79.

    Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie - Credit
  • 9

    Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robotic Droid

    This Star Wars R2-D2 Droid from 'Star Wars' is a must have for any on air personality working at I-95 on the morning show who is almost 65! Ten buttons controls 1,000 action combinations plus sound effects and coordinated head movements, a must for any Star Wars fan. R2-D2 sells for $195.62 on

    The Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Droid - Credit
  • 10

    Meccano MeccaNoid G15

    The MeccaNoid from Meccano comes with over 1,000 phrases and voice recognition so you can make it your friend. Your robotic friend is being offered at for $148.28.

    The Meccano MeccaNoid by Meccano - Credit