For your entertainment, I have perused the depths of Craigslist and found some great posts for things you didn't even know you needed. So, take a look and if you think you need any of these items contact the owner and have some fun, or don't, whatever.

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    Shoe Boxes

    The first thing I do when I get a new pair of shoes is take them out and throw away the box. This person went the other direction and kept them all. Unless you have a 6th grade diorama project due soon, you probably don't need that many show boxes. But if you do, they are here for you.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Concrete Steps

    I don't know what the deal is with the concrete steps on Craigslist, but they are everywhere. People are either moving to wooden stairs (or no stairs), or realizing they can post the slabs and other people will come and get rid of them and the owners don't have to pay for it. Either way I think everyone wins.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    It's not like you can buy new ones at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for like $10 plus a 20% off coupon or get them with the clothes you already buy. I get they are trying to recycle and not waste, but hangers are cheap and people have their hanger preferences. I'm a wooden hanger fan, but that's just me.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Exercise Equipment (I think)

    Not really sure what this is supposed to do or workout, but here is another piece of exercise equipment that is laughing at them because they are not using it. They cant take it anymore and want to pass the minutes of enjoyment along, so now it is your problem, if you want it.

    Credit: Craigslist
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    Another Mattress

    Like I've said before mattresses are my favorite thing to see on Craigslist because you can always play 'name that stain' and when you 'guess right' everyone loses.

    Credit: Craigslist