So I missed National Donut Day in June, sue me! Donuts are like crack cocaine, addicting and dangerous.

Whenever there are donuts out in the radio station kitchen, I walk through carefully helping myself to a bite at a time. My problem is I repeat that same behavior 8 or 9 times.

Honestly, I never travel in search of donuts. I wait for the donuts to come to me, and when they do, I'm in trouble. You always know what kind of donut I've had by the crumbs, powdered sugar, or jelly resting on my shirt.

The following are the Top 5 Donut Shops in Connecticut according to Connecticut Magazine:

  • 1

    Dottie's Diner - Woodbury

    Dottie's Diner has been a legendary gathering place for "made from scratch" breakfasts since 1934. For 4 years in a row, Connecticut Magazine has voted Dottie's the #1 location for the best donuts in CT. Dottie's is open from 6am to 3pm Monday, Saturday, and Sunday and 6am till 8:30pm Tuesday through Friday.

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  • 2

    Whitney Donut and Sandwich Shop - Hamden

    According to CT Magazine, Whitney's jelly donuts are simply a work of art. Their Facebook page says it all, "Best Place Ever, Best Coffee, Best Sandwiches, Best Staff, and Awesome Owner!" Whitney's is located at 2574 Whitney Ave. in Hamden, CT

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  • 3

    Bridgewater Village Store - Bridgewater CT

    The Bridgewater Village Store is one of those classic small town gathering places where you can stop for breakfast or lunch or some famous Bridgewater Chocolates. They make scones, pies, donuts, tortes, and cookies daily and they are to die for! The BVS is at 27 Main St in Bridgewater, CT

    Yummy Desserts
  • 4

    Heav'nely Donuts - Derby

    Heav'enly Donuts is another small town local hot spot for great coffee, conversation, and delicious donuts located at 658 New Haven Ave in Derby, CT

    Lots of Dougnuts
  • 5

    Brooklyn Baking Company - Waterbury

    The Brooklyn Baking Co. in Waterbury gets 5 out of 5 stars from Trip Advisor for their restaurant and bakery. They feature homemade breads, pastries, donuts(killer glazed donuts), and cakes! I read one review that said they had, "the best rye bread this side of the Atlantic!"

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