I just read a blog from San Francisco where someone, who shall remain nameless, decided that they had the definitive answer in the age old question. Their answer was under.

UM, NO!  I don't know why I am so emotionally invested in this, but I am. I have fought this battle for years. I fight it for those who don't have a voice, but carry the flag of the chosen. The flag that holds the image of a roll of toilet paper with the paper rolling over. The flag of the righteous.

If you need any real evidence of who is right and wrong, you have to look to the experts. You look to people in hospitality. Any hotel or restaurant in this country, that is worth anything, will not only roll the toilet paper over, but they will fold it nice and neat for you.

I have researched this through years of practice, and here is expressly why you should not roll the paper over. Pull it. Pull a cheap roll of toilet paper that is rolled over as fast as you can. It breaks. It gives out. The rolled over version of the same paper will hold.

Just stop it. Science, brains, experts and ME say that this argument is over. Roll it over, or burn your house to the ground.