What has to happen before we stop this?  People have been trampled, beaten and even killed.  Why is this a necessary tradition?  Is it really worth saving $100 dollars on a television?  What do you even do in a crowd like that?  Do you just grab anything that is on sale?

It's not like you can seek out the thing you are searching for without getting in a fist fight.

This Black Friday thing actually runs in direct contrast with the ACTUAL spirit of the season.  Christmas is not about gifts it's supposed to be about being with family and friends.

I mean why do I have to be the one saying this. It's not really my style man.

I know less about Black Friday than maybe anyone in the world when it comes to prices and store hours, but I do know that when I see an Old Navy commercial about how they will be opening at 4pm on Thanksgiving I know we have taken it too far.

Black Friday Christmas shopping has now literally physically injured American citizens and has destroyed Thanksgiving.  Well great!  Let's keep doing it then.  I mean it's all about the almighty dollar right?

I REALLY would like to start up a massive gang or even better an army of dudes and ladies who believe what I believe and stand with them in front of retail centers on Black Friday and prevent people from getting to their precious savings.  I won't because it's not worth helping you if you think this is a good idea.

Just so you know when you are freezing in a mass of humanity or getting elbowed in the face a Sanyo I'll either be enjoying a cocktail with my friends and family or sleeping.  ENJOY whack jobs.