My grandfather is probably rolling over in his grave if he knows I have a selfie stick. 

It's a completely unnecessary product that just puts an exclamation point on our vanity as a society.  First off I would be happy never being photographed ever again never mind taking a picture of myself.  Getting photographed is often a very disruptive thing.  Think about when we are most often photographed.  It's on holidays, at wedding and on special occasions.  Those are times you are celebrating, drinking and having interesting conversations and then some annoying hen comes up, interrupts and decides it's photo time.  Back in the day the only upside was she could not be in the picture but now thanks to the selfie stick you can see the person who interrupted your conversation in the photo years later.

I have found some new and even more practical applications for this piece of garbage my wife brought in the house and I would like to share them with you.  Now when Erica asks me to get something she can't reach I take the time to get the selfie stick and apply two sided tape to the end and hand it to her.  She does not like that.  I also have used it to poke her in the rear end when she is not looking.  I've used it as a back scratcher and to point things out to my kids that they need to clean in their room.  The only person who wins in this selfie stick world is the person who invented it.  THAT PERSON IS A GENIUS.  They deserve all the success in the world for cashing in on the simple notion that Americans are really dumb and getting dumber everyday.