1.6 million people across the United States took part in personality surveys that spanned a 13 year period to determine America's Mood Map.The states that were the 'most friendly and conventional' were located in the midwest like Kansas, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, etc. No surprises there. The states that scored highest in the 'relaxed and creative' category were located in the western part of the country like California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, etc. I'm thinking that's do in part to the high quality recreational ganja.

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The 'temperamental and uninhibited' states were in the northeast like Maine, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, etc. The northeast states need to get on board the pakaloco train like Colorado. There are way too many uptight people in these parts.

Connecticut scored near the top in the 'Extroverts' category at #12 but near the bottom in 'Agreeableness' at #43 and it appears we're not that 'Conscientiousness' in CT coming in at #47. New York State was one of the leaders in 'Openness' at #3, but turned out to be one of the most 'Neurotic' states at #4.

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The #1 state for 'Agreeableness' was Utah. The people who were the most 'Extroverted' live in Wisconsin. I'm thinkin' it's that 'cheesehead' thing. The most 'Neurotic' state turned out to be 'West Virginia,' but 4 other states in the northeast were right behind in the neurosis department.

This study was published in the Journal of Personality and Social PsychologyIf you'd like to find out where you stand in the personality department, click right here. Good luck!

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