According to NBC News, the Transportation Security Administration figured out what to do about their long lines at the airports. They have decided to bring in entertainment.

In Cincinnati, they have brought in mini horses. In Seattle, they have live music, and in San Diego, they have clowns. Well, that makes perfect sense. This is typical of a government-run agency. Instead of coming up with practical systems or developing a reasonable plan that works, just distract the idiotic masses with a ten-dollar sideshow.

The DMV in Danbury has that little snack shack. That little snack hut has always infuriated me. It says, in the most transparent way, that you are going to be here a long time, so we have treats for you. How about fixing the problem? If the U.S. Government was ANY kind of privatized business, they would have had to close their doors within a week. This entertainment thing is not even a Band-Aid on the problem, it's simply creating a diversion, so the least common denominator does not even realize that they are being disrespected.

I have to fly next week. I don't remember where we are flying out of. I think either JFK or Laguardia. I swear, if I get stuck in that line, and find myself looking at a clown, I'm going to lose my mind. Why can't we all at least recognize what is going on in front of us?

Government agencies like the TSA couldn't care less about our convenience or service. They just roll out a midget horse, and say problem solved. Unless it's Little Sebastian, I am going to be very upset.