'Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely' is a famous quote by Lord Acton, a member of the English Parliament in the mid 1800's.  I think that quote is still true today and has been for centuries which brings me to why some of our U.S. Presidents had mistresses on the side during their presidency. Here are the 5 most sexually active Presidents according to rantpolitical.com. and listverse.com

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    John Tylerthe tenth President of the United States from Virginia fathered the most children with his two wives, 15 in all, but President Tyler enjoyed fooling around with his slaves as well. The oral history among slaves confirms his philandering, but proof through DNA is next to impossible. It's told that all of his children born from his affairs were sold off. 

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    One of our most beloved Roman Catholic Presidents, John Fitzgerald Kennedy from the state of Massachusetts was getting a lot of sweet action while serving as our 35th President. The following are a list of his affairs.

    *Angie Dickinson - This movie and TV actress is 84 and keeps her affair with Kennedy very hush-hush.

    *Ellen Rometsch - Ms. Rometsch was a German prostitute who had a slight resemblance to Elizabeth Taylor. It was said she was a part of the naked white house pool parties Kennedy used to throw and was often summoned for an occasional 'quickie.'

    *Judith Campbell Exner - This affair began in Vegas in 1960. In her memoirs written in 1977, she speaks of being President Kennedy's mistress for two years soon after he began his presidency.

    *Marilyn Monroe - In February of 1962, Monroe met Kennedy in Palm Springs where they spent an intimate evening. Monroe became obsessed with the President, but Kennedy was only interested in a one night stand .

    *Mimi Alford - One of Kennedy's first conquests was White House intern, Mimi Alford who was 19 at the time. Their affair lasted 18 months until Kennedy got bored with her.





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    James Garfield was from Ohio and was our 20th U.S. President. Garfield had some issues with sex, homosexuality, and masturebation, as in way too much of all three.

    *Rancie Selleck - Selleck happened to be a friend of Garfields but was known to be smokin' hot, so Garfield who hadn't even celebrated his first wedding anniversary decided to bed his hot friend. 

    *Lucia Gilbert Calhoun - After dropping Seleck after 4 years of illicit sex, Garfield took up with Calhoun, an 18 year old reporter for the New York Tribune.

    *Almeida Booth - Booth, at the time was a college Student plus there might have been a New Orleans prostitute in the mix as well.

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    Lyndon Johnsonanother Texas native was our 36th president and was sworn in when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. LBJ's conquests included:

    *Alice Glass - Johnson cheated on his wife, Lady Bird, for the first time in 1937 when he hooked up with the wife of one of his major political supporters. He continued cheating on Lady Bird until 1948.

    *Madeleine Brown - Brown claimed she was LBJ's mistress for 21 years, saying that LBJ set her up in her own apartment with a car and was sexually on the kinky side. 

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    Our 29th President, Warren Harding from the state of Ohio also had a bit of a thing for the ladies like:

    *Carrie Phillips - The humping began in 1905 with his good friend's wife Ms. Phillips.

    *Nan Britton - Before his affair with Carrie even ended, Harding took up with Britton who was 32 years his junior and one of his campaign volunteers.

    Some say there were more trysts with other women but they were unconfirmed rumors. 

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