I was going to watch Monday Night Football no matter what last night but it became glue yourself to the chair time when I knew the new trailer was going to debut. 

If you have not seen this just look and then we will talk.

First and foremost who is this character talking to the Darth Vader mask about finishing what he started?  His character name is Kylo Ren and he is played by Adam Driver.  This could be one of the best Star Wars villains ever.  Right now this character is looking amazing to me.  A lot to be obsessed with there.

Then you have the runaway storm trooper Finn played by John Boyega.  This guy has been featured prominently in all 3 of the Star Wars Trailers.  He is supposed to be a really good actor.

And then there is the chick Rey.  She is played by Daisy Ridley.  She's pretty and probably related to one of the original characters which is why JJ Abrams admittedly has not given her a surname publicly.

It's all too cool.  The one thing that I find really obvious is that we have not gotten a real good look at Luke or Leia in any of the previews and that hints at a lot of really cool possibilities.  One guy actually said to me this morning that he thinks that means he has gone to the dark side to continue his father's work but is at Emperor level instead of Sith lord.

Whatever the case I cannot wait till December 18th.