Jack Daniel's whiskey!  Responsible for a handful of my successes in life and most of my failure's.  Jack Daniel's is also responsible for the funniest moments in my life.  Like the time I fell asleep on a farm that didn't belong to me and spent the awake part of the night talking to a chicken I named: "Charlie the chicken." 

Then there was the time I started a riot in "Woodlawn" a very Irish neighborhood in New York between Yonkers and the Bronx.  I got a ping pong ball that was set ablaze stuck to my naked back.  Talked to Brett Michael's of "Poison" about all the chicks he hooked up with.  Met a unicorn in South Salem, NY that was NOT there.   The time at the Beacon Theatre at a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert standing outside the women's bathroom pretending like I lost my girlfriend and collecting women's phone number's.  THANK YOU Jack Daniel's for an endless amount of life experiences.