There is a frog living in our studio and this is no joke! 

We were on-the-air the day before yesterday and we were about to go on and listening to a "YES" song in our headphones and we heard the frog through the loud volume of our headphones and we both looked at each other (Ethan and I) and said what is that.

I said, "Hey man ... that's a frog."  He said,  "No it's not."  I said, "Yes, it is" and we ended up agreeing that YES during this "YES" song we are hearing a frog cry out:

"Dear God let me out of here!" He called out again this morning. He said this:

Frogs man ... I love Frogs. I love them, but this S.O.B. is a beast. I know it. I can feel it.  It is a mutant. An absolute mutant.

This thing is the "Incredible Hulk" of frogs ... I am certain of it. I'm stressed because I know I am the one who has to hunt this thing. Who will do it other than me?  None of the i95 air staff is equipped or mentally prepared for this hunt. I am on the job.

What does this smooth operator want?

Yeah they are smooth and they operate their way through brick walls that something you wanna mess with?

I am mentally prepared for death on this hunt but I go in knowing that my family and friends will respect that I died for a good cause.  A physically skilled frog arrives at your home away from home and you have to protect the ones you love.  That is what I am doing.

If I don't make it back I love you all and will not forget the contributions you have made to my life.  But if I slay this monster....then the glory is all mine.  Wish me luck.

I love you baby ... watch the babies, I'll see you on the other side.  It's me or the frog.