Super Bowl host cities face a lot of pressure leading up to the big day. This is not the first time we have heard whisperings of large amounts of homeless people mysteriously finding places to go during Super Bowl week.  

According to the Wall Street Journal, San Fran has admittedly moved at least 24 homeless people that have been living on the city's waterfront. They were moved to the top of the list for the city's best shelter. That kind of begs the question, if there is room for them there now, then why wasn't there before?

This is a money grab. The Super Bowl has become so much more than a football game. It's all big business. God forbid we should have to look reality in it's face while spending big cash on merchandise and alcohol while pretending to watch a game. The NFL is such big business that pimps from all around the country send their prostitutes to the host city in advance of the game. In fact, just yesterday, Ryan Murphy of the Denver Broncos was detained while being questioned in a prostitution sting. He was eventually released and it was determined he had no involvement. The team did send him back to Denver. He is, after all, a practice squad member, so they won't miss him. But that's all this bloated American holiday has become, a way to make money. The NFL apparently thinks that it's much easier to make money with the homeless off the streets. Just build a city of fantasy for two weeks and completely ignore a real problem.

Maybe they used the Cartman method?