I chose this particular photo because when you are talking celebrity battles the first names that come to mind Aniston and Jolie.

This one is easy.  Angelina would destroy Jennifer Aniston.  She is a psycho.  She played "Mia" she made out with her brother in front of 1 billion people during the Oscars on live TV and she made it with Billy Bob Thorton.

I actually felt bad for Jennifer Aniston because as soon as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were cast in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" I called it and knew that there was no chance for Jen to win this one.  Jen was America's sweetheart but the only thing that trumps that is America's crazy sex symbol train wreck.  Dudes just like women love crazy people.  They are just more fun and interesting.

So the Ethan and Lou Show (my show) on I-95...95.1FM is starting a new feature called:  "Versus."  We will pit different celebrities against each other in a fake battle to the death and figure out who would win.

Check in with us Tuesday morning and play along.