Over the years we have gotten mail from various correctional facilities.  The first one was not nice to say the least and some veiled threats were made towards us but all the rest has been positive.  Knowing that the prisoners don't have much to keep them busy and that mail day is a big deal we like to get back to them if we have time.  This one woman wrote us a great letter and I want to get back to her.  What should I write is the question?

The ladies name was Kim and the basic idea of the letter was that the Ethan and Lou show is all she has to look forward to each day.  She said she is very much out of her element and encounters a lot of ugliness each and every day.  She said that our show is the only bright spot in her day and that after it is over it's pretty much all down hill.

I want to start by sincerely thanking her but I feel like I should be myself and throw some funny stuff in there.  I'd hate to send a fan a letter that looks like it was written by someone else on my behalf.  I'll definitely have to put some show slogans in there.  Like:  Ethan and Lou...let's get sweaty....Ethan and Lou....get it up in ya'...Ethan and Lou...wipe your feet...give it a buff....etc.

I'd also like to send a gift like a t-shirt or something but I don't know if that is allowed.  I'd hate to have the letter rejected because of contraband.  Or maybe I'll just go all out and send her a cake with a file in it.  This is going to require some thought.  I hate thinking.