Yes, it is Deer Hill Avenue and let me tell you it gets insane in the membrane down there.  I went last year for the first time. My friend Kirk that I do a TV show with based on living on that street actually owns a house there and he hosts an annual Halloween Party for friends and family and he hired me to DJ the party last year.

There are lines of people sometimes 30 deep waiting at each house for candy. The families on Deer Hill have to prepare for this for months or pretty much leave their homes for the night cause these mobs are out for blood.

I was also surprised to see how many adults without kids were roaming the streets just scooping up candy. People are whacked man.

If that is the kind of scene you are looking for Trick or Treating then there is no better spot in Danbury if you want something more laid back then I would avoid that area all together.

Footnote:  I rocked the house as the DJ that night and the dance floor will NEVER be the same.