I know that guys think that they are always getting the blame for stuff. My husband will always say to me, "Of course it's my fault, I'm a man." Don't feel sorry for him. He doesn't have it so bad, even if I do say so myself.

I parked my car here at the radio station and looked at the grass, which you can see in the picture above. It looked like it had snowed overnight. Now, I have written a few blogs about allergies. You may have seen Spring Can DieSave The Bees?Woman in Park Tells Happy Hour Host to Buzz Off or maybe Local Honey vs Allergies. But I never thought about the male vs. female thing until I decided to do some research on that cottony stuff that's flying all over the place this week.

So, I went to AllergyFreeGardening.com and found a bunch of stuff about this stuff.

Apparently, it's female and it gets all the blame. But, listen up, you are MISTAKEN! You're not allergic to the fluffy female, you are allergic to the pollen which attached itself to that pretty, sexy, feminine, cottony stuff. Sounds like a guy to me!

Some city arborists refuse to plant female willows or poplars because of their firm (if mistaken) belief that this "cotton" is really some kind of pollen. But it isn't pollen; it is seed. It is NOT what is causing the allergies at that time. By the time the seeds of the female willow and cottonwoods are flying, pollen from the males of these two species is already spent. However this flying of seed coincides with pollen release of many allergenic plants.

Yeah, see what I mean? It's a scientifically proven fact. The article goes on to say:

The sad thing about this whole affair is that all too often these female willows or female poplars, female cottonwoods, female aspens, they get blamed for the pollen from the male trees and then people cut them down! Since female trees have flowers that are electrically charged negative - (their roots are grounded) and since pollen from male trees picks up a positive + charge as they tumble about in the air, the two are mutually attractive. Female trees are powerful air cleaners, air scrubbers. Every female tree that is chopped down makes the air in that neighborhood that much more allergenic.

We need to protect our females!

All I'm saying is that we all need to be gallant, gentlemanly, if you will. Because when chivalry is dead, you start to sneeze, your eyes water and you feel miserable.