The minute this chick left town, the air got sweeter in Danbury.  Apparently, Teresa Giudice tells all about her time in prison in Danbury in her new book titled, Turning the Tables: From Housewife to Inmate and back again.

According to, Teresa will tell stories of prison strip searches to lesbian love affairs, and everything in between. Whatever, man. We all know what goes on in prison. There has been book after book, after movie, after TV show. What she can tell us is not anything we don't already know. Plus, I never like to get my information from a walking bucket of stupid. She's back where she belongs in New Jersey.

I have had the great misfortune of watching this show since my mother and wife are addicted to the Lowest Common Denominator TV shows. This Teresa person is not only dumb, but operates purely on emotion and loves to talk. So, when that perfect storm comes together, you can hear some serious gems.

Here is a great example of what a brilliant show it is.

Not at all staged.

So, good riddance, Tree. See you next time around. The sad thing is, her book will probably become a New York Times best-seller. Her last few books did. Another reason to keep your social circle very small is because there are a large amount of people who are willing to read this numb-skull's words. Now, I gotta go. I have to take my wife and my mom to stupid TV rehab. They are better than that.