Ask most any teacher in the state about "Common Core,' and you'll get that scrunchy "I don't like it" face, especially when it comes to the 'Common Core' test called, 'The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium' or the SBAC test. What does that even mean?! Every time I ask a teacher what they think about "Common Core" and how it's working, 90% of the time I get a shake of the head and the comment, "It's not working and let me tell you why." Most teachers are not happy. Here's a video demonstrating 'Common Core' math. See if you can follow along.

Recently teachers from all over the state produced a video where they spoke to some of the tests'(SBAC) flaws. Many teachers claim that the test is way too long. Bridgeport teacher, Ana Baptista told the Connecticut Post, "Why are we giving students a test when they can't read it write it or speak it?"

One of the teachers I talked with, who asked to remain anonymous told me, "The stated outcomes of the Common Core are not developmentally appropriate nor realistic." She went on to say, "Coupling these standards with high stakes testing will lead nowhere but to disaster!"

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