The current age of information sure has its benefits, but it's situations like this that really make you wonder if we're on the right side of technology.

Apparently, a thief who stole credit cards from the Newtown Youth Academy proceeded to do a little shopping at the Danbury Fair, and now Newtown Police are asking for the public's help in searching for a male who is suspected of the theft.

Police say, the incident occurred on Monday, January 23 approximately 11 am. A post from the NPD's Facebook page says the man in question may have stolen the credit cards, and then proceeded to go on a shopping spree at the Danbury Fair Mall.

At this time, the only lead police have to go by is the surveillance photo taken at the entrance of the Newtown Youth Academy. Anyone who may recognize the suspect, or who may have any knowledge of the incident, is asked to call the Newtown Police Department at (203) 426-5841. All calls will be kept completely confidential.

According to Newtown Police, this remains an open investigation, so any help in apprehending the alleged suspect for questioning would be greatly appreciated.