I've been getting ready for this game my whole life. Specifically, recently, I have been taking steroids in preparation. I am amped out of my mind. The Raiders have been bad for many, many years. This Sunday, 8:30pm EST the Oakland Raiders at 6-2 are home to host the 6-2 Denver Broncos.

The Raiders need this game and they need it bad. They have had an amazing run so far this season especially last week with a walk off touchdown to beat the Bucs. This game though is the one they need to win if they realistically expect to make the playoffs. The fact is the AFC West is the best division in football right now. Everyone is in it. A Wild Card team will likely come out of this division but all of them are in it, right now.

They need to separate themselves from the rest of the division. Beating their division rival Broncos and going to 7-2 would put them in a really good position to take this thing. The thing that they really need that they have not had this year is a big day on defense. Someone needs to make a play on the defensive side of the ball. If they can do that we know what the offense is capable of. The upset is on.

I finally get to watch the team too. This is their first national game of the year. Big doings. If you need me Sunday night, then stop needing me. I will not be available.