I'm really asking. 

I read an article in the News Times today about a Danbury man who is being locked up for home invasions. He was described in the article as being part of a gang.

I know this probably sounds naive but I was not aware that there were gangs in Danbury, CT. How prevalent is this situation? Do any of them have affiliation with the famous gangs we read about all the time like the Latin Kings? The article mentions that this particular gang was involved in some really serious crimes.

I never think of Danbury as a dangerous place. In all my years of living around and working around Danbury I have never encountered a situation where myself or a friend felt threatened.

I know a lot of biker clubs have sprouted up the last few years and most from what I can tell are harmless social clubs. I would imagine a lot of that had to do with the popularity of the hit TV show "Sons of Anarchy."

What do you know that I don't? What can you share? We will be talking about this next week on the Ethan and Lou radio show and would love to get mail from you. Or you can call the show at 203-775-9595.