From the Huffington Post comes the story of a phenomena that originated in New York City back in 2002 called the 'No Pants Subway Ride.' On January 10, tens of thousands from around the world wear normal winter clothing on top but strip down to their undies as they board mass transit.The 'No Pants Subway Ride' also known as 'The Celebration of Silliness,' is organized by 'Improv Everywhere' who say it's a 'work of art.' Here's how it works. The 'no pants' participants board the subway pretending that it's just another 'normal' day. They don't recognize themselves or others who are wearing just their underwear. It's pretty much just a prank to amuse unsuspecting subway riders.

No Pants on the NYC Subway - Getty Images

When I asked comedian R.C. Smith, who lives in Brooklyn, what he thought of 'No Pants Subway Ride,' he told me it was invented to "make the homeless feel more comfortable." Comedian, Joey Kola told me, "It's ridiculous, it's cold, and someone's gonna catch a disease!"

What are your thoughts on 'The No Pants Subway Ride?' Does it sound fun, stupid, a waste of time, get a life, a bunch of sheep just following the rest of the flock?

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