You've been warned...     FLU and COLD SEASON are here! So Pam's PSA for the day is about 5 GERM MAGNETS to watch out for....1) SOAP DISPENSERS...yeah that pump gets pressed before people wash their hands..vicious cycle on that  2) GLOVES!!! sneezing into your hand and shoving it in the glove..or spewing into the glove itself...wash that thing!!! 3) Anything in a restaurant..especially menus and the ketchup know how CRAZY the rug-rats go with that thing..4) TECH GADGETS..mouse..keyboard..tablet..cell phone..and if you work at a RADIO STATION..the microphone!!! Jocks are sneezing, wheezing, and sputtering into it ALL THE TIME...oopps I just did :) 5) PAM BROOKS...btw did I tell you I have a COLD...evil witch..yep that's where's the damn tissues???