D.C. area is panicked about the upcoming snow storm. Shoppers went on a grocery blitz leaving shelves bare and stores a wreck.

Check out the pics here on Infowars.

If there is one thing I know about snow it is that it depletes whatever nutrients we get from bread and milk.  It has to otherwise why would all of America go so bread and milk crazy when the snow falls?

DO bread and milk contain some ingredient that repels snow?  I gotta look into this.  Maybe I can coat the driveway in bread and milk.  Maybe the highway department should look into this.  It's a bizarre thing when we buy bread most of the package ends up stale on the counter.  Maybe the kids will eat more sandwiches once the storm begins.  I'll give it a try.

Those pictures are scary though.  It actually worries me about what will happen in an actual emergency.  I don't hold out a lot of hope for humanity in that case.  If you have people round house kicking each other in the face over Wonder bread at the Wegman's because a few inches of snow hit the ground then we are in trouble.  I mean no one seems to have a problem trampling their neighbor's head into a tile floor at a Best Buy for a TV on Black Friday.  So what's to stop that same kind of person from killing for food in an emergency?

All I know is that I have what I need for the storm.  BOOZE!  Happy storm everybody.