Cosmo Kramer said the day would come and here we are. I don't know if this is a product of how we treat our environment or if it's the work of a twisted scientist. 

According to the Mirror a pig born with a human face and a penis on it's forehead has gone viral on Chinese social media.

As far as George Costanza is concerned this is a good thing. He said "you get a few of these pig men walking around, suddenly I don't look so bad." True for sure. We would all have an upper leg in the dating world but i'm not sure I am ready for this. Science was supposed to provide us with the Jetson's lifestyle. Some of that is already here but if you pair it with these genetic mutations I gotta say it's not so great. Give me the good ole' days when this was the basis of an episode for the greatest sitcom of all time and not actual reality.

If the Pig Man shows up, we'll squeeze him in. Classic.