While Kris gives good "smirk" - Kanye West is the master of the "bitch face." Have you ever been accused of having one? Science has an answer for that.

Throwing shade and letting your resting bitch face fly is, according to scientists, a real thing. An article at nymag.com says that people who tend to show a discontented facial expression have a reason.

Scientists at a company called Noldus developed software for observational and behavioral research. The software reveals that some people have about double the percentage of trace emotions that display a slightly pulled-back lip or squinting eyes. The software reveals that other people may have more neutral faces that are registered as happy. While they didn't come up with this video, it does cover it in a nutshell.

Celebrities like Kanye West, Kristen Stewart, Anna Kendrick and even Queen Elizabeth the Second have all been spotted displaying resting bitch face in the past. So if you've been accused of having one, you can put your best bitch face on and show them this article by Noldus as proof to why! Me? I'll just keep smiling. Sure... Right...

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