The Sandy Hook Promise PSA video about gun violence warning signs has gotten 43 million hits on Fox News and 4 million hits on YouTube.

According to a story in the Newtown Patch, the video has gotten over 50 million hits. Released 10 days ago, it shows a student writing anonymous messages on a desk, leading viewers to believe this is a kid to be concerned about. Wrong! Near the end of the video, viewers see the shocking truth which is meant to jolt people awake to the real signs of mass shootings. Mark Barden, who lost his son at Sandy Hook said that the video's gone viral because it's not divisive. This is a quote Barden gave to the Newstimes.

"This video is resonating with people across the country because everybody can identify with this. It's empowering because it's something we can do in our work place, in our schools."

Some second amendment groups have criticized the PSA like Scott Wilson from the Connecticut Citizens Defense League when he said,

"I take issue with the idea of gun violence prevention when it makes gun ownership increasingly harder for law-abiding citizens."

Sandy Hook Promise has also received national attention about its "Know the Signs" programs. "Start With Hello" is a program to help combat chronic isolation and the "Say Something" program which teaches students to inform a trusted adult if they witness a red-flag behavior either online or in school. I think U.S Rep Elizabeth Esty said it best when she described the purpose of the video.

"I think this video has gone viral because of a deep human need to do something positive."

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