Yeah, that is what he said. The 21st Century Fox Executive Chairman went on his Twitter account to share his feeling on Ben Carson and it took an interesting turn.

According to old Rupert's Twitter account and the Hollywood Reporter he said quote: "Ben and Candy Carson terrific," What about a real black President who can properly address the racial divide?" "And much else."

Oh you old bag of bones... MAN are you out of touch.

Of course Rupert seems to be a fan of Ben Carson and not really a fan of Barack Obama who he obviously does not consider to be a black man or a black President for that matter.

If you like Carson and think he can improve the country... just say that. If you don't like Obama and think he is hurting the country, then just say that. The fact is no one wants to hear from a super rich, white billionaire on race relations. It's a swing and a miss and a big one at that.  Back to the drawing board Oldie McOlderson.