The best days for playing football with your friends as a kid were snow days.  You actually felt like a pro. 

I remember one storm where we had like 2 feet of snow and my buddy Chris and I dug a ten yard trench on the front lawn with the snow shovels.  It was 1 on 1 football.  Whoever could get by the other guy and dive up onto the snowbank scored a TD.  It was 10 yard tackle football all day.  It will go down as one of my all-time favorite kid moments.  This commercial reminded me of that day and so many others.  Just getting out in the snow with your buddies and chucking the pigskin.  I don't see kids do that anymore.  For us that was all we did.

Dig this Nike ad that will give you chills.

Gronk and Rothlesberger steal the show in this one.  The grin on Big Ben's face says it all.  I'm so fired up watching that that I must round up a bunch of dudes and get to a football field the minute it snows.

I love that Odell Beckham Jr. just catches a dumb bell with one hand.  He probably could do that.