As of right now the Mets are in first place in the National League East with a 5 and a half game lead on the Washington Nationals.  WOW!

The Mets have been so bad for so long, even as a Yankee fan you have got to be happy for these Mets fans. Yankee fans don't have to hate the Mets the way Mets fans hate the Yankees. I mean you're cute and all, but 27 World Series Championships says it all. You're never really a threat.

But this is exciting to watch. The Mets pitching rotation is loaded with young stud pitchers and they have added just enough to bolster the offense to make some noise in the playoffs.

Also, you had the magical return of the Captain David Wright.

If the Mets can keep this up they will take the NL East and breeze into the playoffs and then you just never know what could happen. You just never know. The Amazin's the Miracle Mets. This team can go down in history ... you just never know.

I actually got chills watching that, but now I need to show where my real loyalty lies.

Now that is drama right there.