Maybe you would choose pizza and guitar like this fine gentleman. Not bad activities if you ask me. Some more adventurous types might choose quinoa and wind surfing. Maybe you are more laid back and have a bit of a sweet tooth. In that case, you might choose napping and cake.

You really have to think on this one. Remember, this is the rest of your life. You need to choose something you are certain you won't tire of. This can not be a food you really like or an activity you are fond of that you have done just a few times.

Also, personal health needs to be thrown out the window. Do not consider your health it ruins the game. Furthermore, do not be one of those people who tries to pull a fast one and give two activities and two foods. Play the game like a man.

Given the rules, and if I am being true to myself, I would have to choose tacos and horse. Tacos are my all time favorite food if I am not trying to be fancy or look cool. And horse, for those who don't know, is a basketball trick-shot game. For each trick shot or difficult shot you do not hit when your opponent does, you receive a letter. My opponent goes, and makes his shot. Then, I try to emulate it and if I miss, I get the letter H. The person who spells HORSE first loses. I have not played the game in a long time, but I can safely say it is the best game ever invented.

What would you choose?