Apparently, there was a fire at O'Brien's this week. I love fire and I love whiskey, but I don't like when they mix.

According to the News-Times, a fire broke out at O'Brien's at 83 Lake Ave in Danbury around 2 am. Sunday morning. The fire burned up the kitchen and caused extensive damage throughout the restaurant, and is currently under investigation.

I love a good whiskey, a good bar and a holiday weekend, but this is too much.  I don't need a fire.  I've been burned literally.

Here is Courage Under Fire..

Being burned is on par with a tooth problem...they straight up suck.

I never like to hear that a local booze establishment is burning  We need our local watering establishments.  We need a place where everyone knows our name.

I need to meet Vera before I die.

O'Briens was on of the favorites from the i95 Moosie Awards and they had more votes than anyone total so people around here love it.  They did not win their category, but it was close.  All the best to O'Brien's...