Kurt Ludwigsen WAS the coach of the Nyack College Softball team.  He has been fired, arrested and now sued for sexually harassing his own players. 

According to Fox Sports, Ludwigsen is accused of not only inappropriately touched his female student athletes, but he made lewd comments and even encouraged them to become porn stars.

He must have been pretty serious about the whole "porn star" thing because he even brought in porn star Allie Haze to tell his students how to go about reaching his goal for them, according to investigators.

The school is now being sued as well.  Three of the student athletes are suing the Christian school for not protecting them.

Ludwigsen's charges include seven counts of felony coercion, 94 counts of forcible touching and 94 counts of sexual harassment.  He has, of course, pleaded not guilty.

I'll tell you he sounds like a real stand up guy.  What a nipple head (allegedly). 

As a parent you have so much to worry about when you send your kid off to school, but the last thing you probably expect to happen when you send your kid to a Christian school is to have your kid be molested by their softball coach. 

I hope they throw the book at him, if he's found guilty.  The inmates tend to have a lot of fun with guys like this.