When you join Facebook you give up a certain amount of privacy, depending on what you put on your page. Aside from the creepiness of seeing something you just did a Google search for now advertised on the sidebar of your Facebook page, you have a decent amount of control over what was seen by Facebook, as long as you keep up with ever-changing privacy settings. Well soon they may be able to see beyond the confines of their app.

According to Fox 61, Facebook is now able to use face recognition on pictures on users' camera rolls. That means that they will be able to look through the photos on your camera roll, without you uploading the photos, and suggest people to share the pictures with.

They call this feature "Photo Magic" and it will be used by the Facebook app. It's not yet being used in the United States, but it is being tested in Australia.

Facebook believes this will make sharing pictures easier, because of the steps users have to go through right now to share. "Photo Magic" will simply show a notification asking if the user would like to share.