His name is Edwin Duran and he's like the new rockstar in town.

This new rockstar doesn't play music, Duran is the new noise ordinance officer in Danbury. The car Duran drives around could have something to do with his popularity. According to an article in the NewsTimes, Duran drives a converted police car with, "WHO YA GONNA CALL" painted in bright red on both sides and on the hood, painted in bright yellow is, "NOISE BUSTERS." Duran told the NewsTimes that from time to time people will ask to take a photo with him.

The city passed a noise ordinance in March due mostly to loud music being blasted in Rogers Park on the weekends. Wherever Duran drives with his "NOISE BUSTERS" vehicle, in most cases he's met with smiles. Most of the time when people see the car coming, they turn down their music down without being asked. Duran told the NewsTimes:

They've been very respectful, and they've listened and turned it down. I'm not there to ask them to turn it off. I'm just there to tone it down.

Rogers Park - Google InstantStreet View


Should someone refuse to turn down their tunes or become belligerent when he asks, he could issue a citation with fines ranging from of $25 to $75, but so far, according to Duran, that hasn't been necessary. Duran drives the streets of Danbury on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings and nights. Mayor Boughton recommended Duran for the job saying:

Edwin's been very good at de-escalating situations. He's been the eyes and ears of the park.

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