My wife works at a bar and she was set to make a nice amount of money for our family for the fireworks on the lake this past weekend. 

Because of the delays, the LACK of fireworks and the changing of schedules we made not that much money and had to re-arrange our schedules twice waiting to hear about what was going to be what.....we lost money and could not make plans.

This is no one's fault but Mother Nature but she has given us the screw-gie.....time and again this year.

"What is that for you like 8 TWIX today!?"

Yeah I have been screwed by the weather.  No good weather, no cash, changing of plans....I just wanna either work or not work.

Erica and I make our most money in the summer and we have lost SO much money based on the weather.

Anyway...I need some fireworks even if it just means I get to see fireworks.  I'd like to see them like a 5-year-old.