I grew up in Brewster, NY, lived in Putnam Lake, NY, New Milford, CT, Troy, NY and Marco Island, FL.  I am NOT from Newtown or Sandy Hook but I’ve broadcasted to those towns for years, and my girlfriend is from there and her mother worked at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I watched people I care about struggle and I spend a lot of my free time there.

I recently stopped in a store in Sandy Hook on my way from Newtown to Brewster and when I was there I watched a New York Times reporter grill a local kid (college aged) about the anniversary of the tragedy there.  He handled himself with grace and sent the message I’ve heard time and again from people from Newtown.  He stood there and answered their questions in a concise manner and told them what seems to be the town consensus:  they just want to be left alone.  On behalf of the people that I care about that have suffered.  Stay away.  The town is in no need of exploitation or tragedy mongers.