We all know that living this close to New York City is both a blessing and a curse if you are a commuter.

According to the Putnam Daily Voice, the NY Metro area pays the highest tolls in the country, with statistic info from statistica.com.

Not only this, but if you take all the money that people put towards tolls throughout the entire US, we pay a third of all tolls!  This adds up to about $4 billion each and ever year in the NY area.


The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey alone collects over $1 billion per year from metro area commuters, and the New Jersey Turnpike is the highest earning toll road in the entire country!

With this all being said, it IS awesome to live this close to the greatest city in the world, but that's quite a heavy toll cost for us. I'm a firm supporter of the EZPass, as it not only saves time, but also money in the long run with lower bridge rates for cardholders for example.