After you download these apps to your phone, you'll never even have to take off your sweats and move off the couch again!

Thanks to the NewsTimes for the heads up on these apps. Download the VroomServiceNow app in New Milford and enjoy their 7 day a week lunch delivery service. Vroom also delivers food from restaurants all over Danbury too! Other food delivery apps include Seamless and Grubhub.

Maybe you're way to busy binge watching 'The Housewives of New Jersey' to clean your house. No problemo! Click on or and schedule one of their professionals before the next episode begins. Your house will be sparkling clean in no time!

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Need to hire someone to stand in line for concert tickets or the DMV, click on and someone will do it for you. I checked the website and typed in the address for the Danbury DMV and got the message that Taskrabbit is available in Danbury! Do you need your dog walked or your cat washed, is the way to go.

Why not hire a personal assistant to take care of your business? Based in Norwalk is a company called, 'CT Virtual Assistance' which can help you with administrative, marketing, and creative services.

Don't like to do any grocery shopping like my wife? Peapod from Stop N' Shop has been around for years delivering groceries right to your door. Need a bunch of apples? Bam, right on your doorstep. Can't get enough of those collard greens and kale? Bam, in your face from Peapod baby! Plus your delivery driver looks just like the guy in the photo.

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