For those of you searching for an unusual or kooky cheap gift for the office grab bag, you've come to the right place. LIQUID ASS - If you're anything like my morning show partner, Lou, who has a butt obsession, this stinky gift's for you! Basically, it's a foul smelling fart spray that smells like ass, which is perfect for 8 to 11 year old boys or a 36 year old named Lou. This ingenious product is made by Liquid Ass and available at  priced right at $9.81.

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THINK GEEK UNICORN MEAT - Haven't you always dreamed of frolicking all over the world chasing rainbows? Do not eat too much of this stuff in one sitting otherwise you may have the rainbow runs for 3 to 5 days and keep in mind before you eat this delicacy, when you open the can you will see plush unicorn parts inside. Some individuals have reported they've experienced burping glitter clouds and tooting rainbows. This can of sparkles and magic goes for $12.49 on and is concocted by Tru Inertia.

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MINI USB DESKTOP FRIDGE COOLER REFRIGERATOR - Like to keep your can of Mountain Dew refreshingly cold while you work on your math homework? This is perfect. All you do is plug the USB cable into your Mac or PC and you've got instant cold! This cool gizmo is made by QualityGadget and sold on for only $38.00.

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GO THE F**K TO SLEEP BOOK - This is a children's book for grown-ups and is a perfect gift for the bleary eyed exhausted parent who's on the verge of insanity, has a weird sense of humor, and needs some much deserved levity in their life. Reviewed by major networks, authors, and publishers from all over the world, they all agree this book is funny as f**k! Written by Adam Mansbach, the book is available at

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