OK, so I hate to be cliche' but could Monday suck more?....NO!  it could not!

Here's my to do list:

Radio show post production - not really a bad thing.  I do it everyday.  I includes this blog, getting a show ready for tomorrow and leaving notes for the other jocks telling them what we plan on for tomorrow.  Easily, the least of my problems.

Workout - yeah, it's been a week off since I messed my knee up...no thanks.  I'll do it but I'm not happy.  I already realized I forgot my towel for the shower after the workout.  That means I'll have to dry off with whatever T-shirt is in the back of my car.

Dealing with the car - An accident that had nothing to do with me but involves two people I care about.  Insurance, auto body shop, questions, phone calls....UGGHH

Finishing fixing a hole in the wall - I put it there.  So, gotta get it done but I don't want to.  It was a Monday that led to that.

Phone calls - Catching up with business associates that I ignored all weekend.  Well, because it's MY weekend.  But now I am behind.

HEY MONDAY, I hate you!  Kill yourself!